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Culture trumps strategy. Relationships trump culture.

Trust and relationships are at the core of successful organizations.

We have worked with MNCs (Multinational Corporations) and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)—for nine years, training managers, leaders, helping them align values, solve internal conflict, navigate through difficult seasons such as mergers or crises. We have shepherded leaders and HR teams, equipping PMEs (Professionals, Managers, Executives) for greater roles. In every situation we’ve encountered, dealing with trust and relationship issues was always the most important thing.

Growing as an organization, we have always believed in trust and relationships as the core of every team. So what we have to offer—in our training programs, courses, coaching and consultation—comes out of our own experience with our own team and our valued clients. They come out of our learnings and our values that we hold to deeply, and are privileged to share with you.

Start with culture

How do you transform an organization, and position it to do more? How do you inspire passion for work and drive higher staff engagement? Start with looking at your culture. Do you allow your team the freedom and support they need? Do you let them feel that they are seen, heard and understood? Do you care about your team’s personal and career goals, as much as your business goals?

Leaders are learners

The landscape of the workplace is constantly changing. How do you stay relevant and equipped for change? By building core skills such as emotional intelligence and resilience. We have courses designed to equip you throughout your career, and through the changing business landscape. Our courses engage both your mind and your heart, as you build foundations for life and leadership.

Relationship and leadership skills for success

Who We Are

We are ROHEI Corporation, a team passionate about creating inspired learning experiences for individuals and organizations. Every learning experience, whether it’s a workshop, executive coaching program, or a customized learning carnival, is crafted with deep care for our learners and attention to every detail. We have trained over 45,000 learners to date.

A team of over 60, we are a diverse and energetic multi­cultural bunch, a people­-loving troop emerging from various industries and backgrounds, coming together with a singular goal and passion: to inspire hope, joy, courage and purpose in the global workforce.


Some of our partners

  • Education

    ROHEI has helped schools build a healthy culture in which educators and students can thrive and flourish. Our vision is to inspire educators to model timeless universal values and instill them in the hearts and minds of students, and to see each student’s uniqueness and support and encourage them through their learning journey. Students spend an average of 6-8 hours in school daily and eucators are one of the primary influencers in shaping their values and character. Providing values-based training for educators will have a far-reaching ripple effect on the youth and the next generation.

  • Logistics & Transport

    ROHEI has contributed to culture change in the logistics and transport industry, and an increasingly people-oriented culture in the companies we’ve served. We have helped organisations such as J Logistics, CMA CGM & ANL (Singapore), and SATS, in reinforcing core values, and teaching resilience and change management. Our vision is to see a highly engaged logistics and transport workforce, well-equipped with self-management and people skills, motivated towards productivity and innovation, and flourishing and thriving in their lanes.

  • Manufacturing

    ROHEI has helped steer players in the manufacturing industry toward a people-oriented culture by levelling up the Emotional Intelligence skills of technical professionals and managers, and supporting them to lead high-performance teams. Our manufacturing clients include Epson, Grundfos, FMC, and Hewlett-Packard. Our desire is to help the industry raise up leaders and managers who will engage their team, and lead with the heart as well as the mind—to be relatable, approachable, manager-coaches that help each staff member thrive at work and in life.

  • Govt & Stat Boards

    ROHEI supports government agencies in their quest to be more citizen-centric, mindful of the customer’s experience of systems, processes, and services. We reinforce a mindset for a whole-of-government approach, inspiring government staff to take new approaches, as well as to be resilient and equipped for change. We’ve worked with the Civil Service College, Peoples’ Association, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), and Ministry of Home Affairs, inspiring and motivating teams in creating seamless experience for citizens, and to incorporate design thinking and creative solutions to meet the varying needs of Singapore’s citizens and residents.

  • Healthcare

    ROHEI has been instrumental in helping key healthcare players in Singapore by reinforcing values alignment among their staff, imparting the heart of service, and initiating culture transformation. Individuals in the healthcare industry have a unique calling and heart to care and serve, and we have enjoyed working with healthcare organisations such as Parkway Pantai, Changi General Hospital, Sengkang Health, and the National University Health System, and partnered with leaders and staff to help align personal and professional calling, pursue greater confidence in service delivery, and change mindsets towards greater empathy and sensitivity against the backdrop of changing demographic needs (such as an aging patient population) and healthcare issues. We envision a renewed focus on patient relations in the industry that will transform the patient experience.

  • Financial Services

    We partner with major banks to design and deliver holistic learning programs for their staff. These programs have resulted in improvement of CSISG (Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore) scores, increase in number of compliments, decrease in complaints, and improvement in productivity through empowering frontline staff to handle issues without the need to escalate to management. In this dynamic, highly competitive industry, we find great joy in being able to motivate and encourage the workforce, allowing teams to see their significance, and recognize the importance of each team member. We’ve seen what a difference it makes when staff appreciate each other and work in unity.

  • Travel & Tourism

    ROHEI partnered with the Singapore Tourism Board, working with their three Marketing divisions to improve team effectiveness across levels to integrate their efforts and deliver better results. The Singapore Tourism Board continues to approach us for learning experiences in Singapore. We seek to help the Travel and Tourism industry grow by providing the training arm for business travelers looking for new learning experiences during their trips to Singapore. We are also equipped to provide service training courses to tourism students.

  • Technology & Telco

    Working in the Technology and Telco industries is a roller coaster adventure. Resilience is a key value in such a rapidly changing landscape. Our vision for the Technology and Telco workforce is to be built for change—to have the skills, character, resilience, and passion to excel in this field. We’ve partnered with a major telecommunications company through a rigorous restructuring process. Our main role was to upskill and integrate Store Consultants and Customer Service Staff and create a seamless customer experience. Another key client we have in the industry is StarHub.

  • SMEs

    SMEs face the challenge of survival in a business landscape dominated by MNCs. The key to a lasting business is to make investments that will carry SMEs through the long term. More than anything these are investments in people development. Build a people-driven culture, that results in higher productivity, increase in loyalty among staff, increase in trust, attract and keep talent. We envision a culture transformation in SMEs, and a workforce that loves what they do, and who they do it with. We believe that in the long run this will translate to the lasting success of SMEs.