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Amy Koh


As part of the Training Administration Team, Amy assists with program administration and preparation. She helps ensure a program’s smooth run by making sure all documentation and back-end systems are in check. Amy also assists clients in securing training grants and funding.

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Amy has worked at telco company as a Business Excellence Exec, liaising with different departments in streamlining and improving business processes for a better customer experience. She also handled implementation of service improvements for new products and services. Prior to that, Amy was a Facilitator at an educational institution, facilitating a Cognitive Thinking Processes Module class, and guiding students through learning and research.

I came to know ROHEI through ad hoc projects with friends. I am drawn by ROHEI's culture of always believing the best in people and affirming each other. I'm also inspired by the leadership team and the way they live up to ROHEI's values. They walk the talk and strive to be excellent in everything that they do.

Amy loves food and enjoys trying new cuisines and cooking new recipes. She likes to spend her leisure time reading (cookbooks and parenting articles) and reflecting. What makes her day is spending quality time with family or sharing a meaningful conversation with a few close friends over a meal or coffee.