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Anna Soh


Anna is part of the Training and Curriculum Design team in ROHEI where she helps contextualize programs to make learning meaningful for our clients.

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Anna worked in voluntary welfare organisations where here role was to extend support to caregivers of adults with special needs. She also worked in the education sector as a mentor for students, as well as at World Vision Singapore, helping to organize events.

I'm especially caught by the vision of ROHEI, to inspire hope, joy, courage, and purpose in the global workforce. Having worked for several years in the workforce, I've come to recognise how these qualities are very much needed. I feel privileged to be part of a team that hopes to inspire these qualities to bring much needed hope in the workforce. Also, I'm especially caught by how ROHEI values the whole person, and not just what they can contribute, something that is so counter-cultural in a workforce that is high on achievement.

Anna values quality time with her close family and friends, spent over a simple meal. She enjoys reading and being in the midst of nature while taking jogs or walks.