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Sophia Ng

Chief, Marketing and Strategy

As Chief, Strategy and Marketing of ROHEI, Sophia champions business transformation, building marketing capabilities, and stewarding commercial and sustainability drivers at ROHEI. She leads the marketing team and its interaction with Business Development and Product Development in providing competitive and differentiated programs and services for our clients.

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Sophia is a versatile marketing practitioner with 20 years of regional experience, spanning both the private and public sectors. A consummate brand builder, Sophia has an established track record of marketing excellence in pioneering new businesses and transforming brands, easily adapting her knowledge and expertise to the needs of different industries. Her astounding ability to manage complex projects speak of her organizational skills and strength in strategizing and adopting a helicopter perspective. Honed in leadership and communication, Sophia collaborates and relates well with diverse people across all levels, with a rare ability to lead and energize large teams.

Thriving in fast-paced environments, Sophia embraces change and challenges, often identifying new opportunities and game changers. Her foresight, sharp problem-solving skills, and tenacity allow her to see through difficult situations, effect change, and make a significant business impact.

Marketing is both an art and science. Being equally right- and left-brained, Sophia is right at home with ROHEI’s Marketing team. Her love of adventure and new experiences continues to sharpen her marketing gut and instinct. It’s a joy to have someone who constantly exceeds our expectations with her passion and commitment to projects.


Inspired by the mission, energized by the people, won over by the Culture. I have a passion for helping local businesses and grooming marketing talent. 

Sophia is married to her college sweetheart and they have three daughters—Ashley, Shannon, and Erin. A firm believer that sports build character and resilience, Sophia and her husband, both former athletes, are so thankful that their children share their love for competitive sports. They enjoy bowling, cycling and skiing together. 

While she nurtures a love for traveling and outdoor activities, she also enjoys quiet moments reading a good book. In her free time you’ll find her catching up with friends and hunting down good food. But what she loves most is spending time with family, watching her three girls in their sporting pursuits.

Sophia dreams of having the freedom to travel the world anytime and anywhere.