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Courageous Conversations

10 Questions to Conquer Your Relationship Issues

Work through your issues with openness, honesty, and courage Enroll Now

Learn the 10-step process to overcome pressing issues.

What issue is weighing you down today? Courageous Conversations will provide you with a process and structure to analyze and solve that issue successfully and with the right perspective. With 10 questions, discover a 10-step process to help you resolve any difficult issue you are having, with anyone, or even with yourself. You will learn how to ask the right questions (and know how to catch harmful questions). Overcome your fears and find freedom and breakthrough.

You will also see what an open and honest conversation looks like by watching a few live coaching sessions, with our Relationship Coach Chris Hogan, and our coachees Sharon, Marco, and Liz.

When you enroll in this online course, you receive lifetime access to the course, so you can go through the course or relevant areas as often as needed. As you continually apply these principles in your relationships, the process will become natural for you. Learning how to have courageous conversations is one of the best things you can do for your most treasured relationships.


About the Instructor

This course is led by Chris Hogan, a successful Executive Coach to business owners and senior management. He is also the Practice Group Leader for Executive Coaching in ROHEI Corporation, a leading learning and development organization. A consultant to leaders in organizations, Chris helps them develop high-trust teams with open communication that leads to clarity and innovative solutions. His work has made an impact on leaders around the world, including top executives at Yahoo, Sales Force, Zinio, among many leading organizations in the US.


What you will learn

Through a variety of video lectures, Chris will share both key principles and very practical examples of how to use these tools effectively to gain great clarity in your life. Watch how Chris coaches three individuals towards breakthrough by using the Courageous Conversation.

Get an exclusive look into Chris’ coaching conversations and take away impactful lessons for yourself including how to:

  • Communicate your thoughts and concerns effectively in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Step from ambiguity towards clarity
  • Stop your thoughts from being hijacked by confusing perspectives and inner noises
  • Halt the cycle of thoughts that lead to no conclusion
  • Find courage to re-start dead end conversations
  • Move away from paralysing fears

You will download a Learning Journal which contains quick summaries of key ideas and take on Learning Challenges at the end of every learning segment to take practical steps to apply what you learnt.


How you will benefit

  • Get greater clarity of what’s going on inside of you with 10 questions of a Courageous Conversation.
  • Effectively and efficiently communicate your thoughts, feelings and requests in a clear 3 minute summary
  • Strengthen your communication style by engaging 4 Relational Fibers that are integral to having a successful relationship
  • Tackle the reality of your situation through unpacking the 3 Realities that govern your life
  • Powerfully shift your conversation dynamic towards increased connectivity with 2 Agreements
  • Forever change your view on your situation and relationships through embracing 1 Relational Mindset


This course is for you:

  • If you are experiencing roadblocks in your life and want to overcome them
  • If you are facing a challenge that you don’t really know what to do about
  • If you are looking to deepen relationships and understanding with your loved ones, co-workers, reports and bosses
  • If you are a manager wanting greater clarity on your priorities
  • If you are a spouse wanting a better marriage
  • If you are a parent trying to better connect with your kids
  • If you are at half time and thinking about what to do with the second half of your life


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