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Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace Schedule a consultation

A two-day course on developing personal and social awareness, improving communication skills, and developing relationships that inspire trust.

Develop your own EI (emotional intelligence) effectiveness by learning the emotional intelligence framework and develop personal competencies for effectiveness.

In this invigorating and insightful experiential program, your colleagues and staff will gain an awareness of how mastering emotional intelligence skills can improve understanding and communication among colleagues, resulting in positive impact to organizational KPIs. Participants will experience a validated EI profile to uncover one’s personal emotional intelligence profile, learn how to decipher the emotional requirements of the environment, assess the emotional strengths and limitations of various stakeholders and utilize adaptive strategies to influence & communicate for better outcomes and improved interpersonal relationships. 

What you will learn

  • Discover your Emotional Intelligence (EI) strengths and areas for development through a validated profiling tool
  • Acquire EI strategies to build EI competence at work and in life
  • Develop emotional competence to engage in difficult relational situations
  • Gain insights on how to listen with empathy
  • Understand self-talk techniques to manage yourself under stress
  • Learn what it means to adopt a more people centric work style

How you will benefit

  • Improve and advance your career with Emotional Intelligence (EI) at work
  • Interpret and manage your personal EI strengths to cultivate positive influence at work
  • Gain knowledge of different EI strategies to improve engagement with stakeholders at all levels
  • Develop empathy and apply empathic listening when responding to stakeholders’ needs
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills to better communicate with others and handle conflict and challenges
  • Recognize and deliver appropriate responses and behaviors under stress


If you are interested to send your colleagues and staff, please drop us an email at:, and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.


This course is for

Professionals, supervisors, managers


December 14, 15


9AM to 6PM


ROHEI Corporation | The Devan Nair Institute #05-01 80 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609607


Mapped to WSQ Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Others in a Business Context




Full Fee, inclusive of GST $ 642.00
Singaporean / PR (with funding, inclusive of GST) $ 402.00 
Singaporean above 35, earning less than $ 2,000 (with funding, inclusive of GST) $ 72.00
Singaporean 40 years old and above (with funding, inclusive of GST) $ 102.00


Singaporeans aged 40 & above enjoy enhanced subsidies of 90% capped at $50/hr. Fees for Singaporeans/ PRs are after 50% SSG funding capped at $15/hr. Fees for SMEs after SSG funding are equal to fees of Singaporeans aged 40 and above for all Singaporeans and PRs.
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