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Building High Performance Teams

Transform your team with a culture of trust and excellence

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There is an art and science to building a great team, and different approaches work for different teams.

Our tailor-made approach zooms in on key areas, and we customise a learning program based on your team, your organization’s values, and your goals. Our training goes deep into areas such as Teamwork, Systems and Infrastructure, Team Evaluation, Diversity Management, Motivation, as well as Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Using the Team Dimensions Profile, we will help you learn about the four key roles in high performance teams, and profile each team member to their strengths for each role. You can also find out which roles are missing from your team make-up and seek to fill those roles.

Our experiential learning approach will leave you with lessons you can immediately apply at your work and in life. Your staff will learn how to identify and close team performance gaps with team members for improved performance, improve communication, and leverage on the strength that comes from diversity. They will learn how to give and receive constructive feedback to build team bonds, develop mutual trust and respect, resulting in increased team performance, better relationships, and greater joy in work.



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9AM to 6PM (two days)


Singaporeans 40 years old and above $ 102
Singaporeans below 40, and all PRs $ 402
Non-Citizens $ 642

Singaporeans aged 40 & above enjoy enhanced subsidies of 90% capped at $50/hr. Fees for Singaporeans/ PRs are after 50% SSG funding capped at $15/hr. Fees for SMEs after SSG funding are equal to fees of Singaporeans aged 40 and above for all Singaporeans and PRs.

Fees of $40 for the online Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 and individualized Report are already included.

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