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Leadership Development

Why Relational Leadership?

Relational leadership is a leadership model centred on people and how leaders relate and build trust in the organisation. With accelerating changes in the business environment, the importance of developing organisational social capital cannot be underestimated.

Relational leaders have the set of leadership skills to build high performing teams that are able to respond to changes, exceed targets and enjoy working together. Relational leadership is about people and results.

Relational Leadership is effective leadership, building high trust at work. This relational quotient is what differentiates good leaders from great ones.

Learn relational skills and build great team and organisational culture.


Relational Leadership for Senior Leaders



Relational Leadership for Existing Managers


Relational Leadership for New Managers



 Relational Leadership for Emerging Leaders



Relational Coaching at the Workplace


A two-day course, Relational Coaching will equip you to be a relational leader-coach. The relational approach builds trust. You will learn how to lead with the heart and mind in a way that builds people up, while producing results.

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