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Enabling Digital Transformation: ROHEI Holds SkillsFuture Preview for Banking and Finance Sectors

News & Press   |   March 20, 2018

March 16 2018—ROHEI presented a Preview of its experiential SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme, to an audience of training and HR practitioners from the Banking and Finance industries.

Titled Enabling Digital Transformation, the Preview shared a taste of learning experiences customised for the Banking and Finance sector. “These industries are “likely to be the most affected by disruptive technology, but have tremendous potential for job growth,” Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say was quoted in this Straits Times article last July 19.

“A key area of concern expressed by the practitioners was the need to help their staff transition to new roles as the business undergoes disruption,” says ROHEI’s Joel Mok, a speaker at the Preview. The guests experienced how ROHEI’s experiential learning approach can help their organisations successfully prepare their workforce to manage the changes that are occurring in their organisations today. The Preview was organised by e2i and NTUC and held at M Hotel.

It was a pleasant surprise for me actually, definitely found it useful & interesting! It allowed me to gain a sneak peek into the actual learning experience of program participants through the short but fun group activity and better understand how ROHEI delivers the learning objectives through an experiential approach – ‘caught not taught’.

I recall a video shown during the session related to cyber security and it created such a powerful impact on the lack of digital awareness in today’s society. The Q&A sharing across the room facilitated by Joel was when it brought out the relevance to the Banking & Finance industry, with various industry professionals highlighting the digitalisation developments that are taking place in our respective organizations.

          – Preview participant

ROHEI’s SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace is a two-day learning fiesta for PMETs, designed to develop the skills and mindset needed for teams to tap into new opportunities brought about by digital transformation. Click here for more info.


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