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ROHEI on Channel NewsAsia Perspectives

News & Press   |   May 3, 2018

Image credit: Channel NewsAsia

ROHEI Chief Executive Rachel Ong was invited to be on a panel of industry experts to discuss Digital Transformation and its challenges on Episode 5 of Channel NewsAsia’s Perspectives program. The episode aired last May 1, 2018.

Early in the episode, a discussion among the panelists identified “Resistance to Change” as the top challenge to digital transformation.

“I think that digital transformation is not possible without the people element, and the culture of organisations would be very important in this,” Rachel commented during the discussion.  

“I think where there’s a culture of trust in organisations, it does make this process a little more comfortable because people feel safe. So when we introduce change in this manner, there is a certainty that I would take on this challenge because I feel safe with my colleague and teams around me. So I do think that people would be less resistant and less fearful of the change in the presence of a high-trust culture.”

Co-panelist Prof Lily Kong shared a supporting viewpoint:

“Changing people’s mindsets and attitudes is much more difficult than giving people skills … if the mindset and attitude is not appropriate, they won’t be able to truly make that change and transformation that’s needed.”

Watch the episode here:


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