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UOB’s People-centred Digital Transformation

News & Press   |   May 20, 2018

Successful digital transformation is about human transformation

“Staff is the largest and most important resource of the bank. Not only do we have to be customer-centric, we also have to be staff-centric,” said Janet Young, MD & Head of UOB’s Group Channels & Digitalization, on MediaCorp’s Channel 8 programme, “Work from the Heart.”

The Banking and Finance industry is hard-hit by digital transformation yet Janet sees technological change as a reason to value staff even more.

“If we can prioritise our staff, continuously help them upgrade and pursue their goals, the staff will also earnestly reciprocate by helping the bank put the customer first. This will lead to a win-win partnership.”

Mindsets and Learning Agility empower people to embrace change

The Work from the Heart episode’s main story revolves around Lim Chen Chen, one of Janet’s staff. She is an inspiring example of continuous learning on the job and being effective through digital transformation and technological change. Chen Chen began as a UOB teller 22 years ago and now serves as a financial advisor to UOB customers.

The episode featured Chen Chen learning new mindsets and practicing learning agility in ROHEI’s SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme.

Image credit: / Channel 8

“New technologies are really amazing,” Chen Chen shares. “I have a deeper level of understanding from the course. The most important thing is that we all grow in our knowledge. New technologies are always emerging. We have to keep up with the times or we will be left behind.”

Learn from UOB’s people-centered digital transformation: Watch Work From the Heart Episode 1

Empower your staff to pursue growth in these times of digital change. Learn more about ROHEI’s SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace here.

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