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Aaron Chow

Senior Consultant

Aaron is a Senior Consultant at ROHEI. Aaron has been in the field of Training and Development since 2003. As a trainer, Aaron is skilled at reading an audience and adjusting the style and technique of his presentation accordingly in order to engage his them in the most effective manner. His clients include staff of all levels from the education, financial, consumer business and services, hospitality sectors and various government agencies.

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Aaron started his career as an Account Manager with a Graphic Design company, and then ventured into the social services sector to serve the youth and impact the next generation. He has created programs and talks dealing with Cyber Wellness and outreach to at-risk youths, engaging them with his innovative use of media to communicate ideas to his audiences. Besides partnering with stakeholders in the telecommunications industry, Aaron has also worked closely with government statutory boards to deliver character building and healthy value messages to a wide range of audiences.

Aaron holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, specializing in Marketing. He is an ACTA-certified trainer and assessor with the Workforce Development Agency of Singapore. He is also a fully certified Service Learning Facilitator.

I have a passion to work with like-minded people and I have found that in the colleagues at ROHEI. The creative and fun environment here helps me to be the best of who I can be. They are open and accepting and always willing to hear and try out new ideas. More than that, I know they have good and pure hearts to serve others.

Aaron enjoys a good laugh and hanging out with his friends. He loves movies and intends to make one some day. He is a free spirit and loves to hang out at museums and bookstores. One of his favorite pastimes is scribbling in his black notebook while people-watching at caf├ęs. He has a passion to reach the next generation and has been mentoring youths and young adults for the last decade. He and his wife love to play host to friends and family and are always ready to serve and bless others.