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Alfred Cheong


Alfred is a Consultant at ROHEI. As a member of the training team, he is a dynamic facilitator who connects effectively with participants. He delivers training programs for a wide range of clients from various industries, including healthcare, financial, hospitality, education and government sectors. Alfred also oversees ROHEI’s cast management, looking after the team of actors and other talent in ROHEI’s learning experiences.

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Alfred is a Registered Nurse in Singapore. His penchant for travel and adventure has given him a rich understanding of culture and greater appreciation for diversity. Alfred has several years of training and facilitating in the area of leadership in education institutions. Prior to joining ROHEI, he was an associate trainer, coaching and mentoring youth-at-risk in the area of leadership. He has also facilitated and led various youth camps in National level events such as Boy’s Brigade Share-a-gift and National Day Parade.

Having so many colleagues that come from different nations working in the same company, experiencing a unique and strong team dynamic is a real treat. Even with the cultural differences, everyone still share the same values, respecting one another and always having fun. Working at ROHEI is a joy! It is just like a second home!

Alfred is an intrepid explorer. He once worked in Uganda as a volunteer in a village clinic for three months. After working with ROHEI for a short duration, he purchased a one-way plane ticket to Norway and spent six months backpacking his way back to Singapore by travelling through 13 countries by train and bus.

Alfred credits his mom for his sensitivity to the thoughts and emotions of others. Together with his courage to explore and sincere love of learning about people, he has experienced much more than his relative youth should allow. During his free time, Alfred enjoys jogging, swimming and, of course, exploring the world.