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Alvin Ang

Senior Consultant

Alvin is a Senior Consultant and Trainer at ROHEI. He has been in the Learning and Development industry since 2004, and has been training since 2007. At ROHEI, Alvin enthusiastically involves himself with every possible area of the learner’s experience—from the client interaction, course development and planning, all the way to the training delivery. By conducting Focus Group Discussions with our clients, Alvin helps ensure we are listening well and being sensitive to their’ needs, and are able to provide the right solutions at every turn.

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Alvin’s background is in engineering, but during his 8-year season in the semi-conductor industry, he felt a strong desire to work more closely with people and joined WDA in 2004. After 3 years, he served as Assistant Training Manager for 4 years at Changi International Airport, setting up training standards and ensuring that the ground handling staff were equipped for airport work. Before joining ROHEI, Alvin was a Consultant/Trainer and Manager for Talent Management in another training company for five years.

Alvin volunteers at a non-profit organization, conducting weekly parenting classes. He finds joy in coaching and training, both in and outside of work.

There is a strong alignment between my own training style and ROHEI’s approach, and I felt this was a great fit. But more than that, ROHEI leadership is so contagious! The top management, starting with Rachel, is so passionate for God and for people influences me deeply. Their behavior is consistent with their values and beliefs, and those values and beliefs are what I embrace also. I am confident and assured when I know that my leaders are God-fearing and God-honouring. I will follow their vision, and I will embrace their vision because in a way, it has become my vision. I own it just as much as they own it.

Blessed with a deep, booming voice, Alvin uses it well—to spread encouragement and fun, with his sense of humor and infectious hearty laughter. Gifted with a joyous spirit, Alvin has the ability to laugh at situations and not take life so seriously. Alvin’s greatest loves are his wife and three boisterous boys. A big guy with a humble heart, Alvin is deeply thankful for his wife of 16 years, and his kids who he says molds his character as much as he is molding theirs.