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Ana Katrina del Castillo


Ana is a Consultant at ROHEI. She oversees Media and Events for brand, marketing and communications. She manages and coordinates events that reach out to ROHEI's audience. Ana’s unique combination of creativity and structure make her a fun and a natural project manager.

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Ana has won Excellence Awards for Marketing campaigns to her clients in the Philippines. She has managed marketing and public relations projects for clients from various industries such as, Real Estate, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Food, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Ana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Ateneo de Manila University and a Marketing certificate from the same institution.

Everyone has fun while working! Their passion and love for their work is evident in the quality of their output. Seeing this challenges me to be excellent with my work, too. Also, they put people before process, so the team feels more like a family. I consider it a joy to be a part of this family!

Ana’s outgoing personality translates into everything from her fashion sense to her work style. While you might find her wearing bright colors, you will also find her keeping to her timelines and tasks. Her energetic spirit and positive outlook in life is quite contagious. Ana has a very wide variety of interests ranging from politics to extreme sports. She also has an insatiable hunger to learn and especially enjoys reading about philosophy and history. In her free time she likes boxing, longboarding and traveling the world!