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Angel Nang – Pascual


Angel is a Consultant at ROHEI. She manages the hospitality and participant experience for each of ROHEI’s programs. Whether she is purchasing program props or setting up a venue early in the morning, you will find a smile on her face and a quick problem-solving mind at work.

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Angel worked in the service industry for 3 years. She possesses a background in logistics and operations at a chemical laboratory where she supervised research projects during employment with an academic institution. She also assisted in finance tracking and events coordinating in a non-profit organization.

Angel holds a Diploma in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology from Nanyang Polytechnic.

ROHEI is a place where I am surrounded by thoughtful colleagues who always look out to lighten my workload. We serve not only our clients but one another, as well. There is always an emphasis placed on honoring one another and treating everyone with dignity and respect. My colleagues are also very generous with their appreciation. In this kind of environment, you can’t help but want to put in 100% work in all that you do. If we are not laughing in our meetings, then we are always eating.

Angel has a genuine love for people. She enjoys taking time to get to know those who are around her and doesn’t mind talking to strangers because she is eager to learn about their background. She also has a strong appreciation for culture and is fascinated by how unique each culture is.

During her free time, Angel makes sure she spends time with her family and close friends. One way she chooses to bond with them is over good food. Angel particularly likes spicy food and one day she dreams to travel the world just to try different kinds of chili.