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Ann Romey


Ann is a Consultant in ROHEI's Business Development team, specializing in Client Services. With a warm personality and servant heart, Ann is able to put both guests and clients at ease. She previously served at our Guest Experience team, and now handles different areas of client servicing, including database management, CRM, and prospecting. She has a unique ability to put herself into the shoes of clients, as well as participants, and contributes greatly to delivering meaningful customer experiences.

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Passionate about hospitality – Ann has spent several years working in the hospitality sector in the Philippines and Singapore, where she worked in a variety of industries – hotels, aviation, F&B, and health and wellness. This has given Ann a large pool of experience to glean from when it comes to working with different kinds of people.

Ann has also been a faithful volunteer at a non-profit organization, where she serves as a hospitality host, helps with logistics and organizes events.

Ann graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.

Everything about ROHEI is inspiring – the people, the programs, the office and training rooms, and even the food! I love the fact that as a company, ROHEI inspires you to grow and be better every single day.

Ann is a huge advocate of crossfit. She does crossfit on weekends, and regularly encourages ROHEI to get stronger and fitter by organizing cross-fit sessions at ROHEI on weekday evenings. She believes that working out helps keep her mind sharp and her body strong – which helps her stay on top of her work.

Ann enjoys being active in a number of ways and is also a passionate dancer. She has been doing ballet since she was 3 years old, and also spent some time as a dance teacher for kids.

Some of Ann’s long time dreams are to own her own dance school and to see the Northern Lights.