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Chrina Cuna-Henson

Senior Consultant

Chrina is a Senior Consultant at ROHEI and Producer at Cozeh, ROHEI’s creative communications arm. Chrina has been working in the field of Media as a Video Producer and Host since 2008. At ROHEI, she oversees all video production. Chrina can effortlessly extract a meaningful story through her ability to listen and ask the right questions.

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Prior to working with ROHEI, Chrina wrote, produced and hosted lifestyle shows, news segments, and feature stories for an online video site. She produced feature segments for TV, AVPs, training materials and viral videos for corporate clients in the Philippines. She also managed the creatives, logistics, and programming for the first online video site in the Philippines and planned events and product launches for various clients.

Working closely with the media and entertainment industry in the Philippines, she implemented SEO strategies and live video streaming for an entertainment website and was invited as speaker for career talks and youth events.

Chrina holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology Management majoring in Mass Communications from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.

Everyone is passionate about what they do and that makes every day at work exciting! I strongly believe in the vision of the company, and I count it an honor to be a part of all that the ROHEI team does! I’ve always been passionate about media and videos so it’s a bonus to be able to do that in such a great working environment. It’s truly a joy to be able to do what I love alongside such a great group of people.

Chrina whose full name is “Christina,” was born in the United States and moved to Manila at the age of nine. She’s very close to her family and friends back home. More than anything, Chrina is passionate about people. She has a great appreciation for traveling and meeting people of different cultures, too. Along with that comes a passion for various cuisines. She finds herself constantly taking photos and blogging about the places she goes, the people she meets, and the dishes she devours. In many ways, you’ll also see that she’s somewhat a fashion & beauty expert! She’s a certified professional make-up artist and the “go-to girl” whenever her friends needs styling advice.