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Chris Hogan

Practice Group Leader, Executive Coaching

Chris Hogan is a Practice Group Leader for Executive Coaching at ROHEI. He develops training curriculums while providing training for our executive coaches. As an organizational development consultant, Chris has worked with government officials and business leaders from South America, Asia, Europe, and North America. The founder and President of Noble Call Institute, a Coaching organization, Chris is also the Catalyst leader for Transform World, an international movement comprised of leadership from 54 nations.

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Chris has been in the field of Training and Development since 1989 and has developed curriculums for corporate, family, and personal development. An inspirational teacher, a relationship life coach and a consultant, Chris helps equip men and women to be effective in relationships that matter most. Through his work at Noble Call Institute, he mediates for people and organizations to resolve their most pressing issues and reconcile relationships. His work helps men course correct and reconnect with their wives as a marriage coach, equips fathers to understand the heart of their children and discover their niche in life.

A consultant to leaders in organizations, Chris  helps them develop high-trust teams with open communication that leads to clarity and innovative solutions. His work has made an impact on leaders around the world, including top executives at Yahoo, Sales Force, Zinio, among many leading organizations in the US.

An alumna of the University of Illinois at Springfield, Chris is a certified Franklin-Covey Facilitator. He also serves as an Executive Coach, Consultant and Speaker and has been Keynote Speaker at conferences in the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. You’ll find him among the top tier of LinkedIn endorsed Public Speakers.

Great organizations are made up of great people doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, and ROHEI is one of those organizations.

Working with the ROHEI team excites and energizes me. I like working with inspirational people, creative energy-givers, and consummate learners and practitioners of what they teach. At ROHEI, we are all committed to helping one another become the best of who we are so we can in turn help bring out the best in others.

A coffee connoisseur, Chris roasts his own coffee and enjoys gardening as well. Passionate about relationships, he spends a lot of time with his children, with whom he enjoys collaborating on projects. He also puts much importance on reading and gaining new information on the subject of relationships.

An enthusiastic traveller, he loves traveling the world with family members, helping each one discover their niche and develop their strengths so they can experience the joy of a meaningful life as they serve others well.