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Clement Sim


Clement is part of our Training Administration team that works together with our other departments to help ensure that the company’s documentation complies with SSG standards.

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Prior to ROHEI, Clement had worked in the petroleum industry for 5 years as a laboratory technician of an oil refinery, focusing on quality control & certification. There, he was involved in analysing the different kinds of petroleum samples and products produced by the refinery. Coming to ROHEI was a huge leap of faith for him as the switch in area of focus to administrative was vastly different.

I came to ROHEI because I love the positive culture. It's a wonderful testimony of how positivity can be so contagious. Another reason is I knew this is a place where everyone is striving to do what is right, and most importantly the top level values it.

Clement loves to indulge in watching documentaries about animals and the earth and enjoys playing a good game of football. He came to know about ROHEI through his hairy army friend, Mervin, whom he worked with 5 years ago in the 35th Battalion Singapore Combat Engineers, and the two bros are happily reunited in our office.