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Daniel Sim

Senior Consultant

Daniel is a Senior Consultant at ROHEI Corporation and is passionate about organizational and people development. He blends training with a consulting approach, and delivers targetted training interventions for desired organisational outcomes.

He has been described by clients as a passionate communicator, with an ability to inspire and engage participants. He creates a safe environment for learning and draws meaningful insights from participants through good questions to facilitate deeper learning. 

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Daniel has over 8 years of experience of leading and managing teams in the military and at the Prime Minister's Office. Daniel is a passionate individual, charismatic leader and excellent team player. He has designed and facilitated workshops for stakeholders—ranging from C-suite to ground staff—on Leadership Development, Building High Performance Teams, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management and Resilience. 

Daniel graduated from the NUS Business School with a Bachelor in Business Administration (2nd Upper Honors).  He was on the Dean’s List and was hand-picked to represent NUS at the Global Business Case Competition in Seattle Washington, where his team edged out 15 teams to emerge as Global Champions.

Daniel enjoys meditation and this practice has allowed him to gain many valuable reflections about life. He believes that the sum of his experiences, both good and bad, allows him to be a better trainer. His trainings are often interspersed with personal anecdotes which learners can relate to. 

I first discovered ROHEI when I was a participant in the Emotional Intelligence course. It is a course that has changed my life in the way I understand myself and interact with others. I'm very thankful to be part of the ROHEI family as I feel very much at home. I love seeing the lightbulbs come on in the learners' eyes when they connect learning to application at their workplaces. Most of all, I look forward to going to work each day!

If you're trying to recognise Daniel in a crowd, he will likely be the one smiling. To his surprise, he is often approached by wandering tourists looking for directions. He enjoys spinning, swimming and reads an average of 1 book a week. 

Daniel enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter. He loves motivational quotes, and one of his favorites is "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."