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Denise Aragon

Deputy Head, Project Management

As Deputy Head of Project Management at ROHEI, Denise is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of every project. She manages the scope, resource allocation, and timelines of our projects. Denise implements best practices in project management while establishing the criteria for resource allocation to help improve people and resource management. She regularly provides feedback on project performance, costs, and customer feedback for increased efficiency and effectivity. In the course of every project, Denise conducts review processes to make sure stakeholders’ needs and strategic goals are being met.

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Denise was working in hotels such as Marriott Red Sea Resort in Egypt, Radisson Blu Birmingham in UK and a group of Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore called TRE. She has honed her skills and keen eye for details doing high-class hospitality, reception and events management.

She also regularly puts her events management skills to use in the community in the form of outreachs to the elderly where she plans, organizes and executes 2-hour sessions that include games, food and fellowship.

Denise holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours Class II) in Hospitality Business Management from the University College Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The ROHEI culture is encouraging and empowering. The individuals are so passionate for people, so creative in going the extra mile, so excellent in leading people and yet so sincere and loving. It inspires me to grow, to lead and desire excellent purposeful lives.

Denise comes from a family of seven where she is second to the youngest and one minute younger than her identical twin sister.

Outside of the office, Denise loves to swim, reading books, writing journals and songs over a nice cup of coffee. She also enjoys playing the guitar and is an incredible freestyle dancer.

Denise has certainly learned to be a lot more independent since the time she cried in the kindergarten playground because she couldn’t find her twin sister who was hiding and watching from a distance. She dreams of one day being able to go to South Africa to spend some time to help develop the youth and next generation of leaders there.