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Ding Eng Eng

Senior Consultant

Eng Eng is a Senior Consultant at ROHEI. She has been in the field of Training and Development since 1992. As a lead facilitator, she has an exceptional ability to relate to a wide spectrum of learners and create an atmosphere of openness essential for learning. With over 20 years of working experience and a passion for people, Eng Eng has a natural gift to link people across time, distance, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages, and cultures.

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Much of Eng Eng's time has been spent in consultation with education, financial and consumer business sectors regarding structure and strategies in training and development. She is able to balance various philosophical perspectives, theories, suggestions, or proposals and painstakingly sift through their possibilities, pros and cons, for clarity leading to informed decisions.

Eng Eng holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Organisational Studies with Azusa Pacific University and also a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University, Australia. Certified by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency with an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), Eng Eng conducts programs under the Executive Development for Growth and Excellence(EDGE) framework of Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), now the Singapore SkillsFuture (SSG).

Over the years Eng Eng has established good rapport with senior management, executives and managers. In doing so, she is able to create greater understanding between rank and file staff and their supervisors and managers. Her key facilitation areas include the complexity of communications, especially in dealing with generational diversity and cultural differences.

The team in ROHEI is authentic, genuine, magnanimous, creative, and extremely hilarious and would turn every disappointment to a new appointment. It has a team spirit that is extraordinary. I find myself being more creative, innovative and energized. ROHEI enables me to rise up to challenging opportunities and stretch my strengths, gifts and talents to create the desired response in people and situations.

A green thumb, Eng Eng enjoys pottering in the garden and landscaping in her time off work. She enjoys having people over and gains great satisfaction from making people feel worthwhile and valuable.

A person that values family relationships greatly, she enjoys many good conversations with the young and old. She thrives on helping people understand how they are linked. This could be across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages, or cultures in order to create bonding and mutual appreciation. Engaging in thought-filled conversations on exploring and assessing possibilities with friends and family are some of her favorite things to do.