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Eddie Emmanuel Eng

Vice President, Training and Curriculum Design

Eddie is a Vice President at ROHEI Corporation, leading the Training and Curriculum Design divisions. He is a specialist in training, facilitation, coaching, and consulting. He has been described by clients as a passionate communicator with the ability to inspire participants, in both small and large group settings, to move forward with renewed purpose and to achieve positive results.

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Eddie has over 20 years of experience managing and leading teams across various industries such as Direct Marketing, Film & Photography Production, Advertising, Entertainment Production, and Learning & Development Consultancy. His ability to coach and integrate diverse high performance individuals has resulted in his various teams winning international creative awards such as Cannes Lions Awards, New York Festivals Awards, and Singapore Creative Circle Awards. He has facilitated workshops for all levels of management in both public and MNC corporate settings on Leadership Development, Building High Performance Teams, Emotional Intelligence, Service Excellence, Sales & Negotiation, Change Management and Resilience.

A graduate of the City University of New York with a Master in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Eddie’s passion is in facilitating and coaching organizations’ leaders to build a high trust culture, strengthen emotional intelligence and develop high performance teams. Outside of ROHEI, Eddie is also a Marriage Mentor, equipping couples in the building of loving and purposeful marriages.

I have a dream
…to have meaning and purpose in my work
…to seek opportunities to transform organizations and empower future generations
…to find satisfying answers to ethical issues and directions in the midst of confusion
…to be able to resolve situations through creative and innovative interventions
…to be in a community of co-workers where contributions are appreciated and affirmed, where friends challenge one another to be better than best and where laughter and joy fill the air
…to run a fulfilling race of life to accomplish something significant to self & others

At ROHEI, I am living out this dream. ROHEI I believe is bringing out the best in me and is one place where I feel empowered to inspire others to live their dreams too!

The word “passion” describes Eddie to the core. At work, he pursues with passion anything that his hands find to do and is a natural leader who loves to persuade and inspire people to achieve their goals.

An intrepid explorer, Eddie possesses a positivity and empathy that helps him connect with people from all walks of life. Eddie loves making films, photography, good food and is a die-hard fan of the Liverpool football club.