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Gary Chong

Associate Facilitator

Gary Chong is an Associate Facilitator at ROHEI. His specialty is providing training for educators and sales professionals.

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Gary has a passion for teaching, training, and sales. He has moved from salesman to primary school tutor, to sales trainer as well as businessman. His background in working with clients of all ages gives him valuable insight into the needs of learners as well as sales professionals; and equipped him to creatively facilitate learning experiences.

He is also currently an associate lecturer in Singapore Institute of Management and adjunct tutor in Ngee Ann and Nanyang Polytechnic, teaching Business and Economics subjects.

Gary holds a post-graduate diploma in Education, as well as a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and received training in Pastoral Care and Career Guidance.

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Gary loves the outdoors, and spends his free time playing golf and tennis. He is also an adventurous family man. He met his wife Jaslyn in university in 1990. When they got married, Gary played the emcee at his own wedding, against everyone’s advice. “It turned out to be a great banquet. We streamlined all the cake-cutting, champagne-popping and thank you speeches. That left us with more time to interact with the guests and enjoy ourselves,” he says. They have two twins, Amber and Ashley.