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Grace Chan

Senior Consultant

Grace is a Senior Consultant at ROHEI. Part of the Organisational Excellence team, she collaborates with the different teams within ROHEI to establish an overall foundation and an internal structure of standards and processes to engage everyone. Consequently, this allows ROHEI to deliver the products and services effectively and excellently.

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Grace has experience in local and foreign MNCs in the financial industry. She partnered with project managers to plan and track project statuses, expenses and adherence to budget. Coordinating across regional and local teams, she provided analysis and presented consistent updates of global and Singapore financial performances for management. While pursuing her studies, Grace worked in an Australian market research firm to collate research material and provide detailed analysis and assessment of results.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance from the University of Melbourne.

Undeniably drawn to the people and culture of the company, I had always wondered about life in ROHEI. The balance they have towards work excellence and relationship amazed me. The team is dynamic and fun, focused on sharing life and growing together. Strengths are outwardly appreciated and affirmed, while developmental feedback is given to improve. ROHEI is in the business to create inspired learning experiences, and I have the sheer privilege of experiencing, learning and being inspired here!

Weekends for Grace are usually filled with activities involving people. Family time usually revolves around dinner, discussing issues from news to her mother’s favorite Korean dramas. Music, movies, sports, TV and just hanging out usually encompass these days or any free time she has.

Enchanted by musicals, she is blessed to be surrounded by like-minded friends who love music, yet enjoy sports that include netball, basketball and running. Mainly, she is just thankful for friends whom she can share life with.