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Helen Lim-Yang

Principal Consultant

Helen is Principal Consultant at ROHEI. Helen has been in the field of training and organization development since 1994. Backed by her consultancy experience, Helen engages clients from the OD perspective, and guides them towards adopting whole-of-company approach in diagnosing and aligning learning needs to business objectives for sustained impact and culture transformation.

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Prior to working in ROHEI, Helen led a regional HR/OD consultancy as Chief Executive and Senior Partner, forging successful partnerships with government agencies and clients across industry sectors on national initiatives and workforce development.

She established and managed partnerships with international thought leaders to serve needs of the learning community and worked consultatively with clients to craft OD and learning solutions, as well as in their pursuit of people and business excellence, and work-life excellence.

A noted speaker for issues close to her heart, Helen is often invited as keynote speaker, moderator and panelist at numerous Work-Life Conferences, Business and Women Leadership Forums. She has been interviewed on multiple media platforms on work-life practices and service excellence. She serves on the Employer Alliance Committee of Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP), on the Board of I Love Children, and on the School Advisory Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences at Temasek Polytechnic.

Helen is on the judging panels of Work-Life Excellence Award and Excellence in Public Service Awards (ExPSA), and had previously been a panel member of Service @ Home with the Straits Times.

She participated in Ministerial, Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) Consultation and Networking Meetings with various public and private sector industry partners on educational and industry trends, issues and service improvement needs. She was engaged by NCSS as facilitator for Balanced Scorecard training for VWOs, and by SPRING Singapore to facilitate Industry Capability Upgrading Program (ICAP) and Work Redesign Program.

A Certified Management Consultant and Certified Master Coach, Helen holds an MBA from Nanyang Technological University and a BA Specialization Degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta. She is also graduate of the Advanced Management Program from University of California, Berkeley and Nanyang Technological University. Prior to consultancy, Helen had enjoyed a career in Rehabilitation Psychology in Canada.

I find in ROHEI, a high performance team that is rare to come by. People here are high-spirited, positive, sincere and engaged. Everyday is an “all hands on deck” experience with colleagues truly wanting to make a difference and spurring each other on to serve. It’s heartwarming! I’m so glad that passion and calling are the key denominators here! It makes work meaningful and fulfilling, and creating inspired learning experiences invigorating.

Mother of three young adults, Helen cherishes time spent with her daughters and husband, over family meals together. The kitchen comes especially alive during the weekends when her husband dons the gourmet chef hat and she, the hat of sous chef and baker as well, for sweet indulgence.

Intentionally making time for family and voluntary commitments, she counts family vacation escapes as must-have for the great bonding and shared memories. To recharge, Helen turns to her piano, jewellery making and reading. Helen is passionate about reaching out to mums. She believes that an appropriate measure of workplace flexibility with strong sense of accountability greatly helps mums transit back to the workforce, and makes working mums supermums!