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Irene Douma


Irene is a Consultant at ROHEI. As a project manager, Irene leads projects and manages teams, working with internal as well as external partners and clients. Her goal is for each program to be delivered excellently, delighting participants and surpassing expectations. With her background in training administration, she keeps a sharp eye on processes and details, taking project management to a new level.

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  • Contributing experiences

  • Why work at ROHEI

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Being born to an American father and Japanese mother, Irene brings with her a strong cross-cultural and cross-industry experience. Prior to working in ROHEI, she organized youth events for a non-profit organization in Japan and facilitated learning sessions for youth and young adults.

Irene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business and Economics from Sophia University Tokyo, Japan.

I work at ROHEI because I enjoy adventure and hard work. After graduating from university, I knew I wanted to travel and work abroad. I also knew that ROHEI was a place where I could grow as a person and as a professional. While the office environment is mindful of professionalism and excellence, it is also fun and enthusiastic.

Zebra lover. Disney fanatic. Undercover Comedian. These are a few of the things that you would probably notice about Irene. Born and raised in Yokohama by her American dad and Japanese mom, Irene learned how to be confident and open-minded about new things, while being quiet-natured and very respectful of others.

Irene speaks very highly of her parents and older sister whom she considers her “mentors” and her closest friends. Influenced by growing up singing and laughing with them, Irene occasionally emerges to impromptu lip syncing to music videos.