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Janina Aritao

Senior Consultant

Janina serves as Senior Consultant for our Brand and Marketing Communications department. Janina's primary role is to engage our audience with our message of hope, joy, courage, and purpose through research, content creation, and brand communication.

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Janina brings with her a wide background in branding, design, and copywriting in Manila and Singapore. She was trained in the rigours of communication by an intense Filipina Managing Director and a cool and calm French Creative Director. She came to Singapore in 2008 where she continued her journey in publication design, branding, and signage design.

ROHEI is a place where vision and values matter. People are truly valued, inside and outside the organization. Serving in a place like this, alongside people who are crazier and wiser than me, is an unusual and refreshing privilege.

Janina has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, and majored in Advertising Management in De La Salle University Manila. She began an affair with words as a writer and editor of the school’s literary publication. Now, Janina releases spoken words very sparingly and can unleash written words without mercy, as long as there is an abundance of food in her midst.

Janina loves exploring the world of graphic design and makes strange and fun things on the side. She likes to relax her brain by cooking, cleaning, watching funny movies, or playing Super Mario 3. One of her favorite things in life is breakfast.