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Jean Yap

Associate Senior Consultant

Jean, our Associate Senior Consultant, is a Trainer and Coach at ROHEI. Her background of more than 22 years in business and human resources in the financial industry gives her the knowledge and experience to coach leaders, executives and teams to increase both their professional and personal effectiveness. Jean is passionate about human resources, people development, and communications.

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Jean has a track record of consistent success stories for companies she has served. She has developed strategic business partnerships, aligned teams in business process re-engineering, and facilitated change management that resulted in profit growth and cost management.

Jean takes a consultative and collaborative approach towards stakeholder management. She is known by colleagues to be empathetic, responsible, and warm.

I am at a season of my life where I am looking for a platform to fulfill my personal mission of coaching and mentoring. I would like to make a big impact developing people in the second half of my life. And what better place to do it than at ROHEI, where there is a spirit of joy, of learning and giving and a genuine interest in building one another.

Jean is part of a large extended family who live close to each other and spend much time together. Jean’s extended family gathers together for dinner every night. Her own parents live nearby, and they have an even bigger family gathering every Saturday night with her three siblings and their children. There’s never a dull moment at Jean’s home. Her two kids though, are both away at universities overseas. She and her husband look forward to annual holidays where the four of them would be reunited.

One of Jean’s favorite things is having a deep and fulfilling (and at times intellectual) conversation with another person, preferably over a cup of coffee and dessert. She has a soft spot for almond croissants and waffles with ice cream.