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Jill Doromal


Jill is a Consultant at ROHEI. As part of the Experience Design team, she infuses her architectural discipline in creating inspired learning experiences. She is always challenging herself to ensure that the training spaces are not just aesthetically sound, but also effective for learning.

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Jill worked in the construction industry and in design consultancies in various local and international architectural firms designing residential and commercial buildings. She was a part of the team that constructed institutional buildings in her home country of the Philippines.

Jill is heavily involved in non-profit creative groups which she sees as an avenue to share her skills and talents to the community in Singapore.

I love working in ROHEI because it is the only place where monday blues don’t exist. People say TGIF, but in our office, I thank God for every single day of the work week. I work with smart and hilarious people, and I’m comfortable to show the silly quirky side of me. I find myself constantly inspired to excel in what I do when I see my colleagues giving nothing but their best for the company.

When she is in her hometown, Jill loves spending time with her parents and her dog at the beach just basking in the sun and rolling with the waves. She also spends most of her free time painting. She can work on a single artwork for a year until she is convinced that she has fully expressed herself through that piece. Her dream is to someday see her masterpieces in a solo exhibition.