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Joanne Tan


Joanne is a Consultant at ROHEI. With dual roles in the training and business development teams, she designs and facilitates learning experiences and assessments, while interacting with clients and managing projects. She brings with her a diverse and multi-faceted knowledge of public relations, media relations, events management and the ability to develop rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Before joining ROHEI, Joanne spent 17 years working as a corporate communication specialist in various industries including lifestyle and travel, healthcare, research & development, and education.

Joanne has successfully led a team of researchers to develop creative platforms to meet learning objectives and guide users concerning career choices. She facilitated school visits, annual camps and seminar career talks by scientists to excite and inspire her audience to consider embarking on careers in science, mathematics and engineering. As a trainer and coach, Joanne is able to identify issues quickly and help jobseekers develop themselves to get the jobs they desire.

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences from the National University of Singapore with majors in Sociology and English Language. She is also an experienced career coach and obtained her certification as a Job and Career Development/Transition Coach in 2014.

I am very inspired by ROHEI’s mission and the passion of its leadership team. The opportunity to be in this dynamic, result-driven, high performing team with an eclectic mix of fun-loving people is like having tiny, bite-size, icing-sugared biscuits with tea to excite you at different times of the day, without giving you diabetes (especially if you drink your tea the British way, with milk and no sugar).

ROHEI also understands my need for work flexibility, and has structured my workload accordingly, which enables me to better manage work and family life optimally.

When not at work, Joanne enjoys being busy with many diverse hobbies like bread-baking, watching comedies, face-threading, gardening and jewellery design. She is also a mother to two school-going children, and she is content to stop at two after being brought up in the era where you are taught visually that only two persons can fit under an umbrella. Even so, she is determined to impart a passion for life-long learning and creativity.

Her ideal holiday is to traipse across the whole of UK, looking for Nesty as an excuse – so as not limit her search just within Scotland. However, for this season of her life, she is more than willing to contribute towards her neighbouring country’s economy with her regular road trips for family vacations, groceries and market-priced petrol.