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Joel Mok

Senior Consultant, Special Projects

Joel Mok is a Senior Consultant at ROHEI. He has been in the field of Training and Development since 2000. He currently oversees the branding and communications efforts for ROHEI. An effective public speaker, Joel has the ability to engage audiences from youths to adults, with his wit and humor. Joel has the uncanny ability to express key ideas in concise but engaging ways.

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Joel was a key facilitator in an NGO for youth development. He conducted numerous programs involving personal effectiveness and leadership for students, parents, teaching staff and volunteers. He has extensive experience in working with the community, and has spent time developing entities in Thailand and the Philippines.

Joel is also Certified Facilitator with Republic Polytechnic. In his time there, he has facilitated classes in Republic Poly and Singapore Sports School in Cognitive Processes and Problem Solving. He occasionally conducts end-user training and coaching in Audio Systems and Live Sound Mixing.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore majoring in Computational Finance with a minor in Mathematics.

It has been a privilege for me to be associated with ROHEI because I get to work with a team of people who are consistent about what they believe in and passionately committed to developing others.

Besides, if I’m going to be spending a significant part of my life at work, I’d like to do that with people I trust and consider friends too. I’m looking forward to working, playing, and having our kids grow up together.

Joel is a person with very diverse interests. He is a father of four precocious younglings a husband to one very capable wife. People that know him describe him as humorous and an avid learner and educator with a passion for exploring new perspectives and approaches. Joel graduated at the top of his class at university, a fact appearing much less impressive when considering that the cohort consisted of only 1 other person.

When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a photographer, film maker, sculptor, vehicle mechanic, designer, architect, chef (but not pastries), triathlete, inventor and horticulturalist. And yes, he harbours secret hopes of being a singer and musician, a dream probably better lived out by his children.