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Jonathan Henson


Jonathan is a Consultant at ROHEI. He oversees ROHEI's corporate branding. With a great eye for visual designs and concepts, Jon creates brand and design collateral that aims to inspire as much as inform.

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Jonathan has received training in culture, identity and business and has developed marketing collaterals for multiple non-profit organizations. He brings with him a strong background in graphic design and digital marketing.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management from IMI Switzerland, KDU.

I really value ROHEI’s heart to help people succeed and grow. It is a company that is driven by purpose and not just by profit. In other words, the driving force in the office is compassion, and I think it comes across in the way we do business. I also find it to be an incredible privilege to work with people who are different yet motivated by similar passions.

Being the eldest of 5 children, Jonathan is very close to his family and he truly values his time with them. Jon is no stranger to change, having resided in 6 cities, in 3 countries. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he has a great appreciation for various cultures and cuisines.

By nature he is creative and has a heart for excellence, which is very evident in his skillfully crafted graphic designs. Easy going by nature, Jonathan enjoys the simple things in life such as playing the guitar, rainy afternoons, a game of soccer with friends, or a nice cup of coffee.