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Joyce Sombrito

Consultant, Training Admin

Joyce is a Consultant at ROHEI. As part of our Training Administration team, Joyce takes care of all the pre-program paperwork and assessments, and post-program processes and procedures. She's in charge of administrative tasks for all individual and group coaching workshops. Joyce helps take care of ROHEI’s overall facility maintenance and manages the inter-office ushering service program as well.

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Joyce has experience in Administration. Her career journey has taken her across industries—construction, real estate, insurance, oil and gas, the marine industry, as well as in the medical and education industries. She had a brief stint as a radio anchor for a national radio station in the Philippines while also heading an academic department at an allied medical school. Joyce spent some time as a Medical Claims and Credentialing Processor in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines. She graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is also a church and Community Service Volunteer.

I had always admired Rachel Ong and it was my dream to work here. But the simple dream of being here changed as I immersed myself in ROHEI. I hungered to learn more about making a difference in the marketplace. This is a company where you can be yourself, enjoying your unique identity without getting worried about how people think of you. I love the support my immediate supervisor and colleagues have for each other, and how we genuinely work as a team. ROHEI has a culture where you would see your superiors sincerely interested in their staff, and interacting meaningfully with them.

Joyce is a self-confessed CSI wannabe. A mother of three and dreams to travel together as a family. She spends her free time reading, watching CSI series and investigative movies. She cooks for family and friends when she can.