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Karen Chan

Vice President

A Vice President at ROHEI, Karen was previously Director of Operations and now serves in Business Development. As one of our key Account Managers, Karen works closely with clients from the financial services, consumer business, telco and healthcare industries, to conduct in-depth studies prior to program design. This collaboration gives us insights on concerns and issues of clients, potential target audiences, and/or stakeholders. Her ability to effectively run multiple projects makes Karen a key resource person. She is an exceptional trainer as well, having conducted signature ROHEI programs such as Emotional Intelligence, Inter-generational Communications, Building High Performance Teams, and Career Coaching / Facilitation.

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Karen has an extensive background in people development. She previously served at an MNC as regional Senior HR Manager for 8 years, with experience that included culture and values alignment initiatives, talent management and development, compensation and benefits, salary benchmarking projects, training design and delivery, strategy development and deployment, leadership development, and performance management around the region. This role required her to work across all levels, functions and cultures in global business units to develop people management systems that would best suit different business needs.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Mass Communication and English from Murdoch University, Australia and an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

I chose to be in this company as it targets those who are in need of intervention and help with the added touch of sustainability through future generations. In other words, the consulting approach is one of equipping and discipling organizations on how to fish in the most effective and efficient manner, such that they can be independent and self-directive.

Working with our clients has helped me to confirm what ROHEI exists for, what we believe in and how we have touched and helped current and the next generation of leaders. One of the greatest achievements is really being made to feel like we’re part of our client’s family and that the door has been opened for us to speak into their lives, both professionally and personally.

ROHEI has also been the only company so far that has encouraged me to maintain my work life balance, with its flexibility to manage work and family which I greatly need and desire at this point in my life.

Karen can effortlessly analyze organizational needs, pinpoint the trouble areas within business units while enjoying outdoor sports like mountain trekking, sailing, skydiving, scuba diving, white water rafting or scaling a cliff.

A mother of 3 lovely children, Sarah, Alex and Janice, Karen finds great satisfaction in helping them reach their full potential to be a blessing to others around them. She is a firm believer of role-modeling and puts character above everything else. She is dedicated to helping mould her kids based on their unique gifts and talents. Karen is family-oriented and believes that having fun together is the best way to bond.