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Kenneth Wang

Senior Consultant, Executive Coaching

Kenneth Wang is Senior Consultant for Executive Coaching at ROHEI.  He brings with him over three decades of experience in government, business and not-for-profit organizations. For the past 15 years, Kenneth has played the role of Mentor, Coach, Counsellor, and Pre-Marriage & Marriage Mentor in a not-for-profit organization. Having held leadership positions in organizations in the US and Singapore, he brings with him a wealth of experience in guiding and building up people.

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Kenneth graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from the National University of Singapore and started work in an MNC for a couple of years in manufacturing overseeing the quality control of incoming raw materials to the final completed product. He then spent the next 7 years in Singapore’s Ministry of Defense in design, project management and procurement. After his stint in engineering and government, Kenneth spent the next 8 years in logistics management with overseas assignments in USA and Indonesia besides Singapore. The next phase of his life saw Kenneth moving into the non-profit arena where he held various leadership positions, mentoring and shepherding individuals and couples and families.

Kenneth excels at administrative leadership and financial management. Highlights of his career include overseeing financial operations, human resource, planning & organization, logistics management, supply chain logistics, database systems, policies and procedures, legal compliance and contract documentation, facilities management, office administration, IT and events operations, as well as project leadership of office built-outs and relocation.

Kenneth’s work in government, business, and in non-profit organizations over the past three decades has nurtured in him empathy and passion for serving and nurturing people from various sectors of the workforce. He holds a Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Lee Community College.

I have worked in many different settings and organizations, and ROHEI is definitely quite unusual. In most places, there are one or two exceptional, diligent, kind, courteous, smiling, friendly, helpful people, but at ROHEI I have not found anyone who isn’t any of that!
“ROHEI is such a great place to work!” is something I hear often from different colleagues. I have experienced that ROHEI is indeed different—it is special and vibrant to people inside and those looking in–visitors, participants, clients.

ROHEI’s culture starts from the top down. ROHEI’s leadership allows the company to have the same heart, to exhibit the same ethos of humility, of diligence, of helpfulness, a culture that stirs us to care for each other and to do good. It is a privilege for me to work and serve alongside with—as one client puts it—“an exceptional team with an extraordinary touch.”

When he is not in coaching or mentoring mode, Kenneth loves to play the role of a comedian. Kenneth’s warmth and genuine care for those around him as well as his sense of humor makes people at ease around him.

Kenneth loves to spend his free time with family and friends building and deepening relationships through meals. He is also the handy man of the house and loves working on all kinds of projects with his son and even his daughter chips in! He loves char kway teow (fried noodles) and yu-tiao (deep fried dough sticks!) but has to restrain himself for health’s sake!