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Lee Shuhui


Shuhui is a Consultant at ROHEI. She oversees the Training Administration team that provides administrative support and assistance in for course registrations and provision of information to various stakeholders and WDA and sees that all clients and staff are well supported. Her quietly hilarious demeanour ensures compliance while providing the most personable service.

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  • Contributing experiences

  • Why work at ROHEI

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Prior to working in ROHEI, Shuhui was an Administrative Executive for 6 years at an insurance brokerage company and an Office Administrator in Myanmar for a non-profit organization. Outside of the office, She leads a hospitality team for a Singapore based non-profit organization.

She graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Human Resource.

One of the reasons I work at ROHEI is because it’s just like a big family whereby everyone supports and serves one another. There is always abundance of joy and laughter in office and yet work still gets done with such excellence. Personally, I count it an honor and a privilege to be working alongside such great individuals.

Shuhui truly enjoys the simple things in life. She likes taking long strolls in the park and relaxing at home with a good novel and a cup of coffee. Also, out of her love for journaling and scrapbooking, she has become especially skilled at DIY projects and crafts. She’s especially close to her family and she’s looking forward to the next nice, relaxing vacation with them.

Shuhui sees great value in serving others. Through her time volunteering with non-profit organizations, she has found that it brings her great joy to see people smile when they have been helped. Though seemingly quiet and shy on the outside, Shuhui daydreams about trying something outrageous and exciting like sky diving!