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Lydia Yang


Lydia works in the finance department at ROHEI. She assists with handling the full set of accounts at ROHEI. Lydia’s sense of humor and pleasant demeanor makes her one of the most pleasant finance people you’ll ever meet.

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  • Contributing experiences

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Lydia has always been passionate about accounting and finances. Prior to joining ROHEI, she managed reimbursements and audits at General Electric. Lydia graduated from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) with electives in advanced taxation and audit assurance services.

I love the friendly and family culture in ROHEI and I am amazed by the way the company focuses on putting people before process. The mission of wanting to bring hope, joy, courage and purpose to the workplace is something I strongly believe in, and I knew that this was the company I wanted to work in because I could make an impact.

Lydia is described by her friends as a foodie who never gets fat. She loves exploring Singapore for good food, and her favourite is Japanese food. She is very witty and often leaves her friends laughing over her well-timed comebacks. She enjoys spending time with her family, and she especially loves laughing hysterically with her brother over her favourite show, Running Man!