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Mervin Poh


Mervin is a Consultant with ROHEI. He is a member of the Training Administration team that ensures that the registration and assessment information as well as the documentation of funded programs are accurately processed.

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  • Contributing experiences

  • Why work at ROHEI

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Prior to joining ROHEI, Mervin worked as a floor manager for an Italian restaurant serving 50 customers a night on weekends and also doing all the washing. In his internships, Mervin helped in the restructing of the youth arm of a non-profit organization and led in the communications department of that organization. He has also been played the roles of IT Consultant at a call centre providing remote troubleshooting for Internet Service Providers and hotel chains as well as provided onsite IT support.

Mervin graduated with Honors, with Degree in Business from the University of London, London School of Economics.

I wanted to be at a place that is known for having an awesome work culture. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful and truly sincere about wanting to know me as a person. In addition to that, everyone is willing to do what it takes to make sure things are done excellently. They are not calculative so as to say that it isn’t part of their job scope and are willing to do what it takes to help. That truly is awesome.

Mervin enjoys all sports except for basketball. In his downtime, he enjoys eating, watching documentaries, looking for awesome desktop wallpapers, finding good music and chilling in his room.

As an assistant golf coach, Mervin has taught many little boys and girls how to play what he regards as an awesome sport.

He resides with eight other persons in his household: his parents, his three brothers and himself, his grandmother and his house manager. His parents are part of a family-run, pro-tools distributorship in Singapore.