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Pem Zimik


Pem is a consultant in our Curriculum and Program Design Team. She brings her depth of experience as a trainer and educator, handling research and crafting programs with an experiential learning approach, to ensure participants are highly engaged as they learn.

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Pem has a background as an Education Development Manager in a technology company in Mumbai. As part of the Academic Operations Team, she served in curriculum development, teacher training, as well as mentoring. She was also a teacher in Mumbai’s Singapore International School and R.N Podar School

As an educator, she is a ravenous consumer of ebooks, ted talks, music, and movies, studying culture and human behavior as part of her quest to take experiential learning to new levels. She is also a frequent volunteer at different non-profit organizations, eager to connect with people.

ROHEI is one of the most unique organizations I have ever come across in my life. I am challenged and inspired by how everyone here genuinely cares about the work they do to make positive impact not just in each of the clients they encounter but also within themselves in the organization. ROHEI is an organization that walks the talk. It is indeed a privilege to be working here and to be part of such amazing people doing such incredible work.

Pem belongs to a tribe called the Tangkhul Naga. The Tangkhul Nagas have a rich heritage of culture and traditions which has exposed me for a deep appreciation of arts and culture, as well as nature. It has also enabled her to speak four different languages and two different dialects.

Pem has two younger brothers and her family lives in India in a beautiful town called Ukhrul. Pem likes to spend her time reading, cooking, watching movies, taking a nice stroll in the evening, or just hanging out with friends and family.