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Rachel Tan


Rachel is a consultant at ROHEI. As part of our Brand, Marketing, and Communications team, she creates the visual identity of each program and designs the entire suite of print artwork for our learners, from manuals to nametags and signage. She also designs marketing and communications collateral.

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Before joining ROHEI, Rachel was a Digital Imaging Artist/Photographer at Charles & Keith. She freelanced as a 2D Animator and Storyboard Artist on the side. Before that, she taught pre-schoolers and special needs children art and science while working as an Illustrator and Animator making cartoons for various television series.

Rachel is an exhibiting artist who tries to paint and draw whenever she can, as well as go out with friends for photoshoots just for fun.

ROHEI is really a place I can find comfort and be refreshed. The culture allows me to really be myself at work and I’m able to work with some of the most talented people I know!

Rachel enjoys reading life science articles and watching documentaries. She also loves singing and music, and working in the same company as her brother. (Guess who!)