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Rachel Ong

Chief Executive

Rachel is the Founder and Chief Executive of ROHEI. She exemplifies servant leadership that has resulted in high performing teams. Under her guidance, ROHEI has grown from 2 to over 60 full time consultants since our start in 2007.

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Rachel has been in learning and development since 1994, and served a term at WDA’s Training and Adult Education (TAE) Skills Council.

Rachel is the Chairman of Trybe, a youth development entity that has been accorded Institute of Public Character (IPC) status in Singapore. Since 2001, Trybe has partnered over 150 institutions and reached over 180,000 youths in Singapore and Thailand.

Rachel has shared on corporate governance, people development, building organizational capacity and capability, growing productive work cultures and sustainable businesses, at international conferences, engaging with international audiences in over 20 countries.

Rachel also serves as a life coach to senior leaders and government officials. Her passion for education and youth development has enabled her to effectively serve on the panel of advisors for government initiatives across regions.

An alumna of the Harvard Business School, Rachel holds an MBA with INSEAD and Tsinghua University. She is a volunteer career coach for the current pool of undergraduates of the 3 institutions.

I love our team. We desire the best for one another, seeking ways to help each other succeed at both the home and work front. We also purpose to do the same for our partners and clients, many of whom have become our life long friends!

An avid reader and organizer, she is a prankster, witty by nature, and not your typical aggressive entrepreneur. Apart from having a fascination with stocking the pantry, she enjoys taking walks, playing the piano and watching ice hockey live.

A crazy aunt to her nephew Ryan and niece Caitlyn, residing in Canada, Rachel is also legal godma to 16 children, quietly hoping that her godchildren's parents will live forever as she stands to inherit all of them otherwise.