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Rayza Gardon


Rayza is a Consultant at ROHEI and part of our Guest Experience (GE) team. Rayza serves with a big heart as a GE lead, and big sister to our interns. She guides the GE troop in set-up and preparing our spaces for each learning experience. Her sharp senses and quick thinking in tough situations allow her and her team to respond quickly and calmly to unexpected needs that arise, ensuring that programs run smoothly.

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Rayza volunteers at a not-for-profit organization, serving the youth. She treasures the privilege of learning people skills while practicing servant leadership as she serves at a youth ministry.

ROHEI is like a home for me. It's a safe environment where people love and care for one another. Our culture of celebrating each other’s successes, going through tough times together and being excellent in everything that we do has been an inspiration to me. My colleagues are just not people that I work with but became my friends as well; they are my family. I believe I became a better version of myself by working here.

Rayza loves to communicate through photography and typography. She is a visual storyteller, combining her love for photography with her interest in social media. Rayza loves meeting people from different walks of life and documenting her encounters with them. She finds meaning in the little things and documents everyday scenes in creative ways. And she finds comfort in having a little coffee or tea in her system.