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Reena Rajasvari


Reena is a Consultant at ROHEI. She is an integral member of the sales team and involved in introducing various learning and development interventions to prospective ROHEI partners. Reena is also an inspirational speaker for trainings and events on topics related to adversity quotient and is a trained actress for simulation activities.

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Prior to working in ROHEI, Reena has 15 years of experience in telesales and marketing for the hotel industry. She has surveyed and evaluated client satisfaction for a freight forwarding company and several insurance companies and has taught primary basic levels and intellectually disabled children for 9 years.

Reena is co-founder of a disabled and under-privileged orphanage in Malaysia. she is a passionate social activist and respected leader in her local community, enthusiastic advocate of Challenged People’s Alliance Network (CAN) and served as a counselor at the Changi Women’s Prison.

She holds a diploma from the Academy of Certified Counselors in Specialist Counseling.

I know ROHEI is a place where I can learn and fuel my passion for serving others. It’s a true stepping stone in my career as I aim to develop certain skills that can help me make an impact in peoples lives. I enjoy every moment working here because of the team spirit and sense of family. Its an environment where I always find people are willing to learn from one another. I also feel that it is truly a place where I can fulfill my greater purpose in life.

Reena lost her sight at the age of 28. She is now totally blind due to a sudden case of glaucoma. After going through many struggles and battles she has found a sense of hope for life. She chose to overcome that battle and now has a very positive attitude. Reena is a very vibrant and independent woman. She moves around freely with her cane and takes public transport to work everyday, she has basic computer skills, she can text, and cook and has learned to read and write braille.

Reena also happens to be in excellent shape. She loves to go to the gym, rock climbing and many other outdoor activities. She is unmarried but is a beloved auntie to 2 nieces who are very dear to her heart. She is a people person and undeniably one of the sweetest friends you could ever have.