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Royston Choo


Royston is a Consultant in our Guest Experience Team. He plays a big part in creating the environment to support the learning experience for each participant. Along with the team, he handles all the details of program set-up and keeps watch over every stage of a program as it takes place. His diligence and cheerful spirit add to the warm, welcoming atmosphere the team creates.

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  • Contributing experiences

  • Why work at ROHEI

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Royston has a strong customer experience background. He spent some time in the retail industry, working for a clothing brand, as well as telemarketing for a real estate industry. He also volunteered for Trybe Singapore, a non-for-profit organization for youth, as part of the Logistics Team. The experience cultivated in him a heart to serve.

I got to know ROHEI through TCP Camp, a program for students, back in 2010. Their hospitality and heart of serving touched me and spurred me to want to serve others too. ROHEI has allowed me to work in a safe environment where we help one another grow. ROHEI is a family to me and I enjoy serving alongside them.

Royston is a family man. Part of a family of five—his parents, brother, and sister—Royston looks forward to having his own family and being a dad. In his free time he hunts for both great food and new music to enjoy. He unwinds with video games, and loves relaxing at home.