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Ong Seok Hong


Seok Hong is a Consultant at ROHEI. As a member of the training team, her patience and calm demeanor has been a great asset in working with anxious job seekers. She is able to show great empathy and care as she facilitates her programs. Her ability to ask thought provoking questions and her patience in drawing answers from within them have resulted in lasting transformation of lives.

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  • Contributing experiences

  • Why work at ROHEI

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Before joining ROHEI, Seok Hong was a trainer in both commercial as well as non-profit organisations. She has worked with adults from different backgrounds and organisations. In an overseas non-profit organisation, she has led a team of leaders in an effective ground breaking course which has impacted the community in Toronto.

Seok Hong has also played the role of a teacher trainer. She has planned, coordinated, administered and implemented training courses for train-the-trainers programme which led to transformation in the lives of the trainers and their subsequent trainees. Seok Hong’s clarity in delivery and ability to inspire has enabled her to be well received by her participants.

An Arts and Social Science graduate from the National University of Singapore, Seok Hong obtained her Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education as part of her professional training. She also holds a distinction in Masters of Arts in Education, Training and Development from the University of Hull (UK). Seok Hong has completed her Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

ROHEI values people. I was first attracted to ROHEI’s perspectives as mentioned in the website. When I eventually met up with the heads of training, I was totally convinced that this is where I should be as I realized my own values are in sync with the company’s. I am so inspired by ROHEI’s leadership that models service in love and empowerment of individuals. Moreover, the energy of the team here never fails to put a smile on my face. The ROHEI team knows how to have fun while in pursuit of excellence in serving our clients.

In a way, ROHEI has been my beacon of light, inspiring me so that I can continue to inspire others. I am so privileged to be a part of ROHEI.

Not only is Seok Hong the loving and caring mother of three, she is also loves nature, nuts and bread. She enjoys the simpler things in life. Spending time with her close friends are moments that she treasures. When she’s at home, she loves being an audience of her kids’ perfornance, be it singing or playing the piano. Her guilty pleasures include watching Korean dramas and sobbing her eyes out, and the occasional indulgence in lots of nuts!

Seok Hong strongly believes in lifelong learning, a value she models after her ever-supportive mum. “Even when Ah Mah is this old, she’s still learning and that’s one of her strengths!” she can be heard saying to her kids. Although her life may seem to hit rough patches at certain times, nothing like a good cup of coffee or almond milk relaxes her and enables her to look on the positive side of things. Hakuna Matata!