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Shirley Ong

Head, Technology Management

Shirley Ong is a Senior Consultant and Head of Technology Management at ROHEI. Responsible for the technology enabling for the different departments, Shirley ensures that technology tools support the growth of the organization and facilitates the learning process for our clients. She also assists ROHEI's Chief Executive and create sales strategies for the Business Development team.

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Shirley has 12 years of experience as an IT consultant in the banking and finance industry. Prior to joining ROHEI, she worked in financial institutions in Singapore for 9 years where she was an integral part of innovative projects as Senior IT specialist since 2005.

Shirley is also an active advocate of homes for the disabled and homes for abused migrant workers and has served as a volunteer tutor in a children cancer society and as a mentor at Singapore Girls’ Home.

She holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics from De La Salle University.

I admire ROHEI’s passion to see people grow in what they do by going through the journey with them in a fun and yet meaningful way. The time and effort the team devotes in every training program speaks well of how they take their advocacy seriously.

Being with the team inspires me to reinvent myself in my personal and career development. How the team aspires the best for their clients is evident in how they nurture gifts and talents within, which makes every minute spent working in ROHEI worthwhile!

Apart from her work, Shirley loves to serve in her community. She enjoys spending her free time volunteering for organizations where their talents and service can benefit marginalized groups.

As a Filipino, she seizes every opportunity to give back to Singapore, which has been a home and a place of blessing to her and a lot of her fellow countrymen. She is incredibly passionate about nutrition and spends her free time researching on the best way to live a healthy life. Approach her anytime and she will gladly give you a free lecture on the benefits of probiotics, honey, and kefir grains. At home, most of her time is spent napping, and cooking healthy, low-fat food.