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Vivienne Thong

Associate Consultant

Vivienne is an Associate Consultant of ROHEI. She holds a Masters of Science with the London School of Economics. She is an executive coach and has worked with different levels of management to enable them to develop in their personal and professional capacities.

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In her 18 years of working experience in the field of human performance, she has had extensive experience in assessment and selection, executive coaching, counseling, training and development in social psychology. She has helped to manage large engagements that involve executive level assessment and development for many companies around the world.

Trained in the application of selection and development methodologies, she has been deeply involved in the implementation of assessment and selection solutions as well as other organizational development activities for both domestic and global clients in a leading multi-national organizational development firm. She has been involved in national government scholarship interviews and assessments.

Over the years, she has worked with clients for all levels of management in government, SME and MNC corporate settings, across a broad range of industries covering sales and marketing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, finance, engineering, amongst others, in the Asia Pacific region.

I strongly believe in the maxim – “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. At ROHEI, I see an organization that walks the talk through its values based leadership setting the pace and modeling the very values that they espouse and through the way they approach their clients. In a world that is driven by the bottom line, it is refreshing to be a part of a team that is not only good at balancing that need, but who also hold on to the fact that people are the most important factor of all successful businesses.

The team is extremely people centric, innovative and fun! There is a can-do spirit that every member possesses and no challenge is too insurmountable if the goal or desired outcome is a worthy one. I feel privileged to be a part of their team and to be able to put into practice principles and values that seek out the best for colleagues and clients alike.

Married and mother to a set of twins and a singleton, life is full juggling between commitments in the home and workspace. As both she and her husband are passionate about helping people unlock and realize their potential in different spheres of life, they devote a significant amount of time also to life coaching, leadership coaching, and family coaching (ie. helping to set couples up for success through pre-marital counseling or through post-marital counseling of troubled marriages) as well as running parenting courses through the various developmental stages to enable parents to find help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Relational by nature, Vivienne loves nothing better than to spend quality time with family and friends over a nice cuppa joe and good cake! She is energized by good fellowship and meaningful conversations.

She likes the idea of baking and dreams of having her repertoire extend beyond pineapple tarts (her one ‘speciality’). Life gets in the way however and till otherwise, her KitchenAid sits sadly in the storeroom, hoping to get rescued and be better utilized one day.