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Introduce work-life strategies to your organisation

Learn how work-life harmony can bring a refreshing change to your company culture Sign up now

Integrating work-life strategies in your organisation communicates to your staff that they are valued and helps inspire productivity, nurture talent and relationships, creating an attractive and dynamic work environment.

Learn how to strategise for work-life harmony and what specific people-oriented practices you can implement, such as flexible work arrangements and customised benefits. For example, staff who are pregnant or who have families can be allowed more leave benefits to allow them to flourish in their home and family life, without compromising their work. It gives them the freedom to excel in their work, without having to give less of themselves to their families. Valuing people in this way is more of a benefit than a cost or constraint. When the company shows that they care, people are inspired to give their best.

Explore work-life strategies now.

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This program is highly recommended for MNCs and SMEs who want to strengthen their talent management strategies by enhancing work-life harmony in their organization. You will:

  • Gain appreciation of the business case for implementing work-life strategies.
  • Understand the framework for work-life implementation.
  • Align work-life strategies and programs to organisational needs.
  • Gain skills to assess requests for flexible work arrangements and establish guidelines.

Course Topics

  • Trends and Business Cases
  • Work-life in Singapore
  • Work-life Framework
  • HR Enablers: Culture Building | Alignment of HR Policies and Practices | Performance Management
  • Roles and Shared Responsibilities
  • Best Practice

This program is supported by the Work-Life Grant

The Work-Life Grant is a grant under the WorkPro scheme developed by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), in consultation with the tripartite partners – National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

Download the e-brochure here for full details of the seminar.

ROHEI is a recipient of the Work-Life Excellence Award 2014, which celebrates organisations with highly successful work-life strategies. Our progressive and people-oriented work-life practices have resulted in favorable outcomes for both our company and our team.

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